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Post by Elsa Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:49 am

This was a weird dream that I seemed to have a very strong and powerful control over, so strong it was as though I was watching something and not actually in it at all but here's the really weird part, the characters that were in were like characters from my story though one of the main ones it was based on was Morgana.
If anyone's reading and for those that don't know the stories I write for fun in real life, Morgana is a very similiar character to Elsa only she's not much of a warrior and is more likely to run from danger than stand and fight like Elsa would.
Now in this dream, Morgana, Elsa and one of my newest reincarnated characters Jayden enter this huge shopping centre to do some shopping but they find the centre quiet and very big, with corridors leading everywhere almost like a maze.
The place is a huge shiny gold like something out of a dream, well of course it's a dream lolz.
Anyway once quite far into the centre, Morgana, Elsa and Jayden become separated and attacked by monsters.
Elsa runs up some stairs to the first floor to escape the monster attack, Morgana manages to take a lift to the first floor to escape the attack while Jayden takes an escalator.
Morgana is the first to arrive on the first floor, which strangely enough happens to be a library and there are lots of librarians roaming around in the library that don't exactly look to friendly since they're all dressed as the red power ranger lolz.
Morgana sneaks around the library to try and find out more about what is happening and actually comes face to face with one of these red rangers, however they're actually quite friendly and not hostile.
Morgana takes to these red rangers and takes the red rangers' advise on how to get out of the building altogether however unfortunately it seems the red ranger has tricked her. They've in fact sent her to a dead end of the first floor where hungry monsters regularly prowl.
After escaping her encounter with these monsters she is reunited with Elsa and Jayden but now the red rangers are very angry and starting to get hostile now that they're nasty little trick failed.
The red rangers out of anger cast water magic to flood the building with water.
Morgana, Elsa and Jayden struggle to try and keep to the top as the water gets higher and higher until it finally stop.
They're not now standing on some steps that are a pyramid shape until they're transported to stand in what really does look like a shopping centre.
There are lots of friendly people around offering drinks to them, Morgana accepts the offer and becomes very ill after taking a drink.
It seems that the drink was in fact poisoned.
That's where the dream ended, nothing but betrayal and traitors throughout the dream and things are completely uncertain and take unusual twists.
Haven't developed a full story plot for this yet but I do believe considering the dream and use of characters created from my own stories, I think I can soon make this into a good story.

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