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War of Destruction

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War of Destruction  Empty War of Destruction

Post by Elsa Sat May 05, 2012 9:16 am

I don't know what had happened but there had been a war raging and I was left stuck with some friends that were trying to escape the bombs and the shootings but everywhere we turned there was more fighting, more destruction.
Evenutally one of them found a path to safety if we could make to the edge of the city and get along this wall then we could escape to safety.
We quickly headed out that but still we were shot at and even had bombs thrown but luckily they missed and for some reason the attackers were too afraid to chase us to this wall at the edge of the city. It was as though there was something there they were more afraid of.
We got so far round the wall and we were laughing, the enemy were no longer chasing or attacking us and we were not far from safety ourselves but we should have taken the attacks as a warning. We were soon ambushed by a gang of warriors that looked like samurais and even carried samurai swords, they were fast and it wasn't long before we all had a sword pointed at our throats and taken off elsewhere.
I don't know what happened to my friends because we were separated, the samurai that took me strapped me up this machine and then cleared off to another computer. Something was activated, some kind of scanner and then the straps were released from me but the samurai just cleared off rather uninterested.
I was puzzled, first they threatened my life and they it was as though they didn't even mean any harm. He reappeared later and treated me more like an ally a friend than anything else, the only thing I can think of is that they have enemies out there maybe the people we were running from and maybe that machine that they hooked me up to had some kind of scanner that proved us to be innocent or something.
I never really fully understood but then the dream didn't go much further than that so what happened to my other friends and what that machine or scanner really was, I can only use my imagination now to think something up of my own.
If I add this as a story then it'll be some kind of scanner that scans the hearts to tell whether people are good guys or bad guys and since the samurais attacked at first but then appeared to be more friendly they couldn't have exactly have been bad guys themselves, they must have mistaken us for the enemy.

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