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Ring of Death

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Ring of Death Empty Ring of Death

Post by Elsa Tue May 22, 2012 3:35 am

Ring of Death:
I was at home in a huge mansion with lots of other people and I wasn’t feeling very well but some of us were going out on a trip. The person that took us sure put their foot down on the road, it felt very dangerous being in the car with this person driving but luckily enough we got there safely and parked. We then headed into the town centre and these huge big rings appeared out of nowhere and started flying around.
Some of the rings actually touched people, of which when the rings touch people there was nothing left of the person to even see and the rings continue going.
I eventually took safety in a small shop where I had a rest, there were some other people in the shop that were hiding out of the way of the flying rings.
Eventually we had to go and as we were running to avoid these rings that were flying around and killing the people that they touched. To my horror one of them eventually hit me, I could feel something quite warm and I knew that I’d had it with what I’d seen happen to the other people, this was going to be most unpleasant. I then felt the ring disappear from me and it left me completely unharmed for some reason. We then headed back to the car to go home. I was really shaken up about the ring thing, why had it killed so many others and not me?
Story Idea: The rings are sent out by a group of secret rangers that use the rings to scan people’s hearts and memories and destroy those with evil or hate in their hearts.

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