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Living Forest

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Living Forest  Empty Living Forest

Post by Elsa Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:24 am

I was having a picnic just outside of a huge forest and yes the forest is called the Living Forest but for a reason, the plants and treees in the forest are alive and if you're unlucky you may never come out of that forest alive. Long ago there used to a be a ranger station just outside of the forest, rangers used to get the forest clean and safe but when people start just simply disappearing into thin air without a trace in the forest, well even the rangers got scared and left their post. Soon reports went all over the place, they tracked the people people's tracks through the forest but they always came to a dead end as though they'd just vanished into thin air without a trace. Soon even the maps outside of the forest were taken down and warnings were placed, telling people to stay out of the forest for their own safety. Of course the warnings sometimes did more harm than good, some people actually took the warnings as an invitation to go into the forest and of course they were never seen again.
While I was having my picnic just outside of the forest, it was still safe outside of the forest and it was a beautiful place with a river running between the picnic area and the forest. There was a bridge over the river that you had to cross over to enter the forest but there were also some large rock formations in the river so it was also possible to climb across the rocks in the river too but it would be a much longer route into the forest and far more dangerous of course.
There was a cry of panic from the river and I rushed over to investigate, a mother was standing in front of the river in front of an area where there was a rock formation that could be climbed on to get to the forest. The paranoid mother cried that her daughter went into some kind of strange trance and then followed the rock formation into the river and into the forest the other side. I could easily see a way across the stones and I'm not sure why, for some strange and possibly someone that just wanted to enter the forest that badly they pretended to go into some kind of trance or maybe it was real but I rushed to the rescue anyway without even thinking about the danger I would be in myself.
When I finally got the other side of the river I followed one clear path through the forest up until it came out to a large building that wasn't even supposed to exist in the forest. It had never been registered on the maps before the problems in the forest and there had been no reports of anything being built in the forest since. It was as though the forest had created the building itself and that's if the rumours were true about the forest being alive. So many people ridiculed the idea and thought the goverment said all that stuff just to stop people going into the forest full stop.
When I reached the building I didn't know whether to enter or not the entrance to the building was an electronic door that opened automatically once I was near it so of course I entered and just inside was the young girl that had gone into the forest.
She was on the floor panicking, she had no idea where she was or how she got there, she cried that the last thing she could remember was going for a picnic in the forest and then she ended up in the building but between the picnic and the building was just a huge blank.
I did my best to comfort the girl and explain what had happened and told her I'd come to take her back. She was pleased and we turned to the door to the building that was still open, however as we went close to the door the electronic door closed shut.
We stepped back away and the door opened again but once we tried to leave it closed again. We had no choice but to explore the building and hopefully find another way out. The whole building looked like a museum with infroamtion about the forests and some rare items with expalnations with what they were and what they used for. Some areas were even fenced off like in a museum to make sure people didn't touch things. There appeared to be only me and the girl about, the building was big and empty besides all the objects inside. There were no living people inside at all.
The dream never went further with anything but as a story I have a planned ending for it. I'm thinking besides the living forest that takes all that bring harm to others or the forest there is also a secret group of special rangers with special powers that also patrol the forest. They put people into a trance that they want as rangers and make them go the museum, which is actually their base of operation and they also keep and take anyone else that is pure of heart too.
Anyone with bad intentions in their heart are taken by the plants but good people are taken by the rangers and forced into joing them.

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