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Post by Elsa Sat May 05, 2012 9:06 am

I was out in this really big weird shopping centre that was so weird that the esculators were white with strange markings on them and dependant on which step you stepped on would depend on where you would actually end up, wether it was teleportation between different floors or even realities was something that even I didn't know. Eventually I met up with some other guy that was just as lost as me in this weird place and together we decided to stick together and look for a way out as well as solving the mystery of fthe place.
Eventually we came to this really big room that had an ice skating ring in the centre of it where people were betting on the skaters and stuff about something but what I didn't actually understand. Either way there were lots of people watching and betting but all the same it was impossible to talk to them, all they were interested in was the people in the ice ring.
The guy I was with then talked me into going up on to the ice ring, he realised that going up and daring to simply skate on the ice was enough to make anyone rich and famous in this strange world and then he wouldn't have a problem getting information out of people. We could work together and get back to reality.
So I head up toward the ice ring and get kitted up with some ice skates and venture into the ring at the same time there was also someone else came up that wanted to go on the ice too.
There was quite a lot of us on there by now so they decided to set up a game of ice hockey and how to do the scoring well once everyone from one team has cleared out of the ice ring then the team with the most goals wins the game.
Haha right near to the beginning of the game despite the fact that I'm near enough defending out goal post I managed to score a goal from even that distance. Don't ask me how.
However the rest of my team soon quickly disappear leaving me as the only player from my team left in the ring and I have to defend my goal. You can easily imagine how just about hopeless that was playing against a team of six all by my lonesome but rules are rules.
I don't remember what actually happened with the game because the next thing I know is that I'm having dinner with the guy that's in charge of the ice ring and that's pretty much where the dream ended so I never actually even found out the mystery of the place but I'm pretty sure I got stuck in an alternate reality where it was seen as very brave and courageous to go on an ice ring.

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