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Underwater Adventure

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Underwater Adventure  Empty Underwater Adventure

Post by Elsa Sat May 05, 2012 8:56 am

This started off as something that I was watching, it was a sci-fi series set on a world threatened by evil and the rangers that fought to protect it had a base that was actually a huge underwater sea vehicle.
This was the very last episode and the rangers had one big last enemy to fight but it seemed that none of their weapons would be good enough but the technology they were using to fight their enemies was very alien and had an intelligent computer.
The computer offered the rangers a huge chance to destroy the enemies once and for all but it would cost them the life of one of their rangers but of course none of them wanted to do it so in the finish they decided that their only female ranger would do it.
This female ranger was really scared and didn't want to do it.
In the finish the female ranger had no choice and the rangers hooked her up to this computer thing that would most likely kill her at a chance to save the world.
That's where the dream ended.
Still with this dream in my head wondering what had happened, did the female ranger die or not, did the rangers save their world or not? All these questions still in my mind, as soon as I went back to sleep this dream of course continued.
The war was over and the rangers enemy had been destroyed. They released the female ranger from the system and out of shock that she was still alive the female ranger collapsed.

Then the dream changed, I was myself not watching the TV and I was also on this trip with some people and on this partiuclar day we were going on an underwater adventure? Can you guess the story behind this?
The ranger thing I'd been watching, they'd made a special underwater vehicle for the show and since it had been a local setting that actually made it so this place was real close and with the show being finished the sea vehicle was now a tourist trip of tourists wanting to see beneath the ocean.
Of course the layout inside was completely different, in the TV series the main room was large with computers and stuff around that the rangers worked at but in real life for the tourist trip the inside was just like a bus, full of seats for people to sit at and windows to look out of and no the windows weren't added, they were there before.
There wasn't much more to the dream than that but it was really weird.

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