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To Rescue Elsa

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To Rescue Elsa  Empty To Rescue Elsa

Post by Elsa Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:02 am

I had this dream a while ago but didn't get time to come on and write it up so I'll put it on here now, this was another personality or more of person changing game that actually tells a huge and strange scary story that seemed somewhat highly based on characters from my own stories. Maybe I was partly thinking about it when I was asleep.
At the very start of the dream I was Tasha, one of the psychics from my story that had somewhat ended up on another planet fighting for survival but worse than that there were more. Almost as if this was based off my Ringo World story only with completely different characters and even the places were different to what I pictured in the story. In fact I have already written this up as a future story idea, which this dream will be an alternate reality.
There are others on the run and hiding that have also come from other planets that are being hunted by the Ringo Rangers here but one special person got us all together and got us to stand and fight and that was Elsa but where is Elsa now? Elsa disappeared a few days ago and now none of us can find her. What are we going to do without Elsa?
I remember one place Elsa mentioned and warned us to stay away from so I thought maybe I'd go and check that out. It was a small corner shop that Elsa believed was meant to be a shop but was also an undercover Ringo Ranger place that had Ringo Rangers working at it in order to find out the alien visitors and destroy them.
I enter the place but it seems run down, almost as if something happened there and now everything has been removed tot ake all the evidence away. As I turn to leave a Ringo Ranger enters and points his gun at me, I quickly use my psychic power to figure out the best plan of attack so that I don't get shot.
I quickly move in on the ranger and knock the gun out of his hand followed by a couple of kicks to make sure he doesn't quickly get back up and get his gun. I quickly leave the place but now I'm back to square one with my search for Elsa. That shop was the only lead I had.

The second part of the dream, I'm Nikko.
I'm wondering around some old mountains, Tasha's search for Elsa turned up nothing and no one had any other ideas but the Ringo Rangers don't exactly live in the main city so they must function and work from another base so I'll head out and find that base. There's that many mountainss and pathways through the mountains if there is something out here it could take me a while to find it.
As I continue on through the mountains I realise that one of the rangers is following me, I starting heading in random directions to get rid of him but nothing works and soon he catches right up to me. This is going to end in a fight but first things first is to get the gun off him. After a huge fight without the gun I win but I'm quite tired after the battle it was such a long hard fight, the ranger I thought was tough and even he lying on the ground exhausted through the fight. I didn't even know I could fight for so long but anyway when I turn to carry on in order to look for Elsa the ranger is surprised that I have no intention of doing any more harm to him. We talk after that and eventually he joins me to help me find and rescue my friends but he says its no good in trying to tell the other rangers because they'll never believe that people from other planets could be non-hostile, he wouldn't believe it himself if I hadn't of defeated him and then decided to walk away uninterested in him. This ranger shows me to an old run down city that used to be used until the main city was built, now the rangers use the old city of their base of operation so that they don't have to interact with their people much. Yeah that sure makes the rangers sound very friendly toward people, and yes of course I'm being sarcastic.
We don't walk much into the city before Elsa appears and advances toward us but as to her sight, I'm beginning to wish we'd found her earlier or maybe not even found her. Elsa was hardly moving at all and blood was pouring from a very deep wound. I could see straight away that Elsa's life was almost over.
I was only part way toward Elsa when she apologised to me, I didn't understand what she was apologising for but afterward she just collapsed to the ground.
My new friend examined her and said that her pulse was weak but if we could get her some medical attention very quickly then maybe she might survive.
As I was about to pick Elsa up there were some voices from the distance.
My new ranger friend quickly pulled me into a small hiding area out of sight.
Several rangers rushed into the area, they saw Elsa lying on the floor but one them looked at her and said she was dead anyway and with it they cleared off out of the way.
I went back out and picked Elsa up but we didn't get very far before my new ranger friend saw a ranger vehicle patrol car headed our way. My ranger friend quickly got us to hide behind a large machine of some kind but the patrol car stopped near by and came toward where we were hiding. They must have seen us but I was surprised to find Kira and several of my other friends were actually in that car dressed up as rangers.
Kira got to the idea in order to rescue Elsa, they ambushed some of the rangers, stole their uniforms and took one of their patrol cars now saving Elsa won't be a problem just as long as we can get her back to the city on time.

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