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Face of the Rock

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Face of the Rock  Empty Face of the Rock

Post by Elsa Tue May 22, 2012 3:43 am

I was running through a very large building of many floors and stairs and there was something coming through the floors trying to get at us. As I ran down one lot of stairs my accomplice Dr. Oliver from my stories had disappeared. I call him a few times but he didn’t answer. I went back up the stairs and then he reappeared and we continue running together. We came out into this really weird room that was filled with rocks and looked like a beach. There was a ladder leading up into an attack, of which she quickly climbed into the attic but we didn’t feel safe up there. There was a blanket in the attic so we took the blanket and climbed back down. We climbed on to the rocks and tried to find a safe place on the rocks. We almost found one near to a statue or something until we discovered that statue was alive and some kind of creature that just looked like a huge gigantic rock/statue. We then ran off. I climbed back across some bigger rocks that looked safe but me and Dr. Oliver got split up that time.
There was some kind of bird kept flying at me to attack it, I knocked it away several times and then I fell down into a small gap in the rocks that was hard to get out of. When I looked up there was a stranger headed toward me with a bluish looking sword that looked more like it was enchanted with some kind of magic. The stranger insisted that I had to die and I was in a rather defenceless position. As he struck the sword down toward me I managed to grab the sword and we struggled. I don’t know how but I managed to cut the stranger’s legs open with the sword.
He dropped and fell away from the rocks. As if I could do something like that but well, a dream is a dream.

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