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Elsa's Short Dreams Empty Elsa's Short Dreams

Post by Elsa Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:19 am

The Experimentation???
A young girl in some kind of medical facility comes too after being given some medication and races against the clock to escape her scientist captors, but are they really as bad as they seem?
Story Idea:
A group of medics operate out on an unknown and supposedly uninhabited planet where they take people from all over the universe with supposedly incurable diseases in the hope of eventually curing them but their communication skills toward the patients are not exactly at their best. Also these medics simply kidnap the infected people rather than offer them assistance.

Death Be the Word:
After wondering through an endless amount of caves and tunnels we eventually come out into some weird village, which looks quiet at first until the people of the village come to attack. The attackers either fighting with swords against the male or slingshots against the women. They don’t take too kindly to visitors but they also appear to be some Japanese cult. In one section of the village is a stand with five Japanese symbols on it, what they mean is beyond me but it is believed that it is in fact Japanese writing that simply translated to English means “Death”
Story Idea:
The girl from the previous dream seeks to return to her home land, which is located on a planet somewhere in a series of caves and tunnels but upon trying to find it the main characters stumble into this Japanese village filled with strong vicious samurai warriors that enslave the women and kill the men. During the visit to this village the woman from the previous dream gets sick as she’s not been properly cured while the rangers have to rescue the male rangers and get out of the village .

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