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Post by Elsa Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:54 am

I don't even remember how I got here but I was in a large place all alone, well not quite along I had a like fairy type assistant that popped out every so often to aid me and give me advice.
"Where am I?" I thought.
It was then she popped out, just a bit smaller than me and flying in the air just off the ground was a fairy in a dress and flapping her wings, seriously.
"The only way to find out is to take a look around" the fairy said.
I didn't know where she'd come from but she sure seemed friendly enough and for some reason I felt I could really trust this complete stranger that was just flying around in a red dress. I enter this room or begin to when a group of people come out from out of hiding with guns pointed toward me. They soon lowered their gun.
"She's not a ranger, don't harm her" one of them said.
"What's going on?" I asked.
"We're being invaded by aliens and our rangers that are supposed to protect them have sided with the aliens and are even helping the alien invaders" one of the men said.
"Now not only are the alien invaders trying to hunt us down and round us up but so are our good dear rangers that were supposed to protect us and keep us safe from alien threats" another one of the men said.
The fairy appeared again flapping her wings and looked around.
"Why would your rangers turn against you?" the fairy asked.
"I don't know but right now it's kill or be killed" one of the men said.
"Can't you talk to your rangers?" the fairy asked.
"All they say is surrender" one of the men said.
"Hmph...some rangers eh" the fairy replied.
So the people got back into their postions and even told me to stay well hidden for when the rangers turned up. They were sure that the rangers were headed their way and ready to attack. This was these people's only last line of defence and all they could hope to do was buy some time. They weren't confident on being able to beat these rangers and they were right. When the rangers showed up their weapons had no effect on them but when the rangers fired back, the ranger's weapons sure had an effect on those people.
I was no fighter and only had the men's word for what was happening so either way I thought it best to stay hidden besides, the rangers wouldn't know there's still someone else in the area that's hiding, that's impossible.
With the people that were fighting to defend themselves out of the way the rangers headed straight toward me, as if they knew where I was hiding and that there was someone hiding there. Unfortunately yes the rangers did find me and with their guns ready but for some reason they didn't fire. They stood there for a few moments before they turned and walked away without harming me. I couldn't understand why but once they were gone I got to my feet.
The fairy appeared again, flapping her wings as normal.
"That's strange if those rangers are so hostile then why didn't they kill us? Well you I mean I'm just a little fairy to some extent I don't even really exist" the fairy said.
"That's got me puzzled, they just stood there and didn't even ask any questions before deciding to walk away, this is most mysterious indeed" I replied, i was still frightened over what had happened.
When I headed outside there was a turn thing to get round into the other areas and there were some people in the area but some of them were falling through a trapped door.
"It opens at certain intervals, I'll tell you when it's safe to move" my fairy assistant said and doing that I moved safely through the area but then we didn't know where to go. There was a large room with no more doors other than where we came in apart from what was like a tube sort of slide that went to goodness knows where.
"Now where?" I asked.
"Let's go down the slide" the fairy said.
"We have no idea where that goes" I replied.
"I'll go see" the fairy replied.
She quickly flew down the slide area and then came back up to the top.
"It's safe but the slide is quite long" the fairy explained.
"All right" I replied. I got into the slide and went down and the fairy was right, the slide just seemed to go, down, down, down and down until finally I landed in a rather dark room that appeared to be underground. There was a small wall in the area where I landeed and I looked over the wall.
The aliens were on another platform like what I was on and had lots of high advanced technology down there or at least the dwellings they'd built down there looked far superior.
There were even humans down there that were being taken about by the aliens including the humans that I'd seen shot by those rangers.
"Those people I was with, they're not dead" I said as I looked and tried to follow them.
"Careful, don't poke your head over too high or the aliens might see us" my fairy assistant said.
"We don't need to see you to be aware of your presence" a strange alien type voice said from behind.
When I turned round three of the aliens were behind us, my little fairy assistant quickly disappeared.
I'm soon marched off to one of these dwellings the alien have built and locked inside one. i'm scared, though the dwellings are beautifully coloured and decorated I feel somewhat scared about just what is going to happen to me. The aliens, though there appears to be no threat from them the people of this world sure seem threatened by them.
The Rangers of this world are evidently helping them too.
My little fairy assistant appears again.
"What do you think will happen to me?" I ask her.
"I don't know, this whole situation doesn't add up and I'm terribly sorry, I had no idea the aliens would sense your presence. I thought you'd be safe there as long as you stayed well hidden and then we could leave once the area was safe" my fairy explained.
Footsteps came from outside.
My little fairy assistant quickly disappeared.
The door to the room opened and the people I'd seen shot by those rangers walked inside with the aliens.
"Are you all right, what have they done to you?" I asked worried.
"We were wrong about the aliens, they're not invading us they're helping, we have been enchanced" one of the men explained.
Dream ended there.
Story idea steps
So the aliens weren't evil after all and we enhancing people but why?
Because the world the dream was set it had been threatened with evil aliens for a long time and only the rangers with their special powers could save them
What special powers did those rangers have and why?
The rangers were given special powers but the alien allies in the dream to aid them since the alien allies had the same problems as the world the dream was set in
What were those powers?
Immunity to certain weapons and evidently one of the most important ones that must have been there is that the rangers and the aliens clearly must have been mind readers
Why mind readers?
The rangers at the beginning found me but didn't harm me or threaten me yet they stood there for a couple of minutes without asking a question. They simply must have read my mind and realised I had no idea what was going off or anything so they left me as they had more rebels to deal with.
Where does the fairy fit in?
I'm still struggling to answer this one, never in my life have I been aided by a fairy in a dream before much less just appeared in some place I've never been in before, this was like something out of a sci-fi show but then I don't recall ever seeing a fairy assistant in any of them
Why the rebels?
The was easy, people fear what they don't understand and when the people realised the rangers had an alliance with an alien force they panicked and thought the worse rather than realising that their protective rangers would not side with anyone who would harm their people so to protect their world in belief that the rangers had betrayed them they took up arms to fight back against the rangers and restore order rather than thinking in more peaceful terms to find out the truth.
What's with the location in the dream?
Just a dark place with with traps and secrets, you just never know what you are walking into even when you do have a fairy for an assistant. Decision on the base setting still needs to be decided but the main basis already decided. This will be turned into a story

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