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Post by Elsa Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:01 pm

Here's one of the strangest dreams i've had in a while, I had it last night and the dream was more of just flashes, well it was more but perhaps I only remember a few parts of it
Anyway there was a part of this dream where Elsa from my stories was running through this forest, she was being persued but I never saw any of the attackers, the dream was focused on Elsa.
Elsa jumped into this river and swam across to get away from the attackers but when she got across to the other side she climbed out with cuts all over her right arm.
Dr. Oliver then appeared in the dream to look after her
After that my dream flashed to another place where there was this young athletic girl in a store and there were two monsters in there that were trying to capture her. This girl did acrobatics and kicks to fight these monsters but her attacks were ineffective. In the finish these monsters got her.
The dream then flashed to the future where this girl had been returned but by this time she was almost dead, she was on life support in a hopsital but she didn't make it, the doctors couldn't find out what was wrong with her.
The dream kind of ended where it was announced that the girl was dead but it was a really strange dream however I have come up with a story idea for it already.
Stage 1: Elsa under attack
Elsa visits a planet and is mistaken for an evil alien monster because of her bright red hair and attacked by the planet's rangers, which leads Elsa through a forest and into the river that was in the dream, while swimming in the river she gets cut by rocks and fallen branches that have fell in the river.
Stage 2: Why?
Dr. Oliver takes the injured Elsa back to his spaceship and decides to investigate the rangers that attacked Elsa despite what they tried to do to Elsa but he in fact gets a completely different response from the rangers. He soon learns that aliens/monsters have threatened their world for some time so whenever they see someone different such as having brightly coloured hair they jump to conclusions and go on the offensive.
Apparently it is always the nicest people that are taken by the aliens and their dead bodies returned
What? Why?
Stage 3: The Next Victim
With that in mind it's only natural that Dr. Oliver rushes back to his spaceship concerned about Elsa, since Elsa has a very pure heart but to his horror discovers that Elsa is missing. When he investigates he discovers from surveillance on his spaceship that Elsa was taken by the same creatures
Stage 4: Six Months?
In the dream there was actually a period of six months between the girl being kidinapped and then being found dead, not sure why specifically six months but it was mentioned somewhere in those dream type flashes. Only on this occassion Elsa's lifeless body is discovered only hours after being taken.
What Elsa dead?
Stage 5: Ranger Conspiracy
Hunting for the creatures that took Elsa, leads the group to a planet where all the creatures live that took Elsa, only they have no technology and can barely survive due to a food shorage on their world, however they do learn that some people visited the planet once that claimed to be a group of rangers out to protect the entire galaxy and offered food to any of the creatures that would help them acheive their goals. All they know is that it is in the centre of the galaxy.
Stage 6: Killer Intergalactic Rangers?
So these rangers hire the monsters to kidnap and kill innocent people? Not quite right, they definitely hire the monsters to kidnap people pure of heart but these rangers never harm anyone. In order to force peoople to become rangers or work for them they kidnap people from their homes that are pure, they make a lifeless clone of them and then they send that back to the planet so that people think that they are dead and don't continue looking for them.
Stage 7: Dialacta News
One of the planets in the story, in fact one of the main planets is a planet called Dialacta where the main things that Dialactians do is make and produce sci-fi action shows but there is also a new reporter named Octavia that travels to many planets finding out the latest information and reporting incidents and crimes and in this case an interview with the kidnapped girl from the store and what exactly those rangers did to her is something that the entire galaxy will now know

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