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Source of Infection  Empty Source of Infection

Post by Elsa Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:58 am

I was on holiday in this big white dome that was full of lots of people that were on holiday and also well maintained by doctors and security. Okay don't get me wrong this place looks out of this world with advanced technology. Anyway we're in the main restaurant area of the dome where the guests get their dinner and the female doctor that works at the dome is going around with some high advanced scanner, scanning for some kind of infection. The doctor comes up to me and her scanning device beeps differently and a red light shines on the end.
"You're infected" she said.
"Infected, with what?" I asked.
"You're thumb" she replied.
"Oh my thumb, I've just been biting my nails as always is all, nothing unusual" I replied. It was quite true I'm always biting my nails but this was the first time where my whole thumb had gone sore and even some of my skin was peeling on it but it can't be anything other than biting my nails could it?
"Let me take a look at your thumb" she then spoke.
I held my thumb up.
"Yes, you might bite your nails but that doesn't cause them to get sore all over and your skin peel away, you need the special treatment that I can give you" she replied.
So I end up going off with this female doctor to a private room to be cured, okay I'm dreading this I thought this was just something to do with biting my nails but it seems far worse and she's right I've never had a problem like this due to biting my nails.
The doctor picks up this weird green alien looking like skin out of a tray and says that has to be put on the infection to cure it. Ouch that's going to hurt like crazy
I'm so scared I even close my eyes as the doctor is about to apply this alien looking skin to my own skin and expecting pain, I soon feel the pain being relieved without the pain getting worse or even stinging first. I open my eyes in surprise.
"Oh it doesn't sting or anything, it really is quite soothing on the virus but no matter how hard I try to tell people, only the actual experience convinces them that it really doesn't hurt" the doctor explained and then she passed me the skin to apply it to any other infected area. She told me to come back to lab and help myself if any further infections spread.
So later on I decided to have a peek at that lab when no one was around and going deeper into the lab I found there was a huge sea creature in the lab. When I ventured round to certain places I found some of the areas booby-trapped. On doing so though I came out with three weird star shaped looking gems.
The following the security guards storm into the room where I'm staying and steal those gems for themselves lolz
That's where the dream ended
I've got a good story idea lined up from that
I'm thinking a person infected with a virus and turned into that creature, that is then breathing a virus into the air, which infects people at random but like with some viruses you have to be infected with the source of the virus to cure it so the source of information being the creature, the skin of the creature cures it. Weird but I'm still thinking on this one but I like to come up with some interesting stuff for stories and these dreams are my basis

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