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Post by Elsa Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:18 am

This was actually a very weird dream, well not the first time it's happened but this was as though I was actually watching something that was centred on two characters, one was a good peaceful and kind character while the other had the main nature of such a good person but was actually secretly as assassin.
To start with these three young lads are hanging out together and one seems to be exceedingly friendly and kind while the others appear on the rough side. Now while out in the apartment building where he lived he finally met the good kind girl that also lived in the same building. After meeting her and giving her a hand the two began to fall in love.
The girl's mother disproved of the guy in belief he was hiding a terrible secret and in fact he is, the guy still had a girlfriend but she wasn't a nice kind girlfriend. Well nothing was known much about her but he agreed to meet her in the dead of night when no one was around. The girl was still in love with him and determined to make something of that but of course the guy had found new love. This is the scary part, the guy's old lover turns up and the guy instantly shoots her dead. Leaves the girl and heads back to the apartment building where he then begins to worry what the girl he loves will think of him if she knew he was an assassin.
The girl and him decide to get together and go to his apartment where he kidnaps her. Scary and weird but also a little vague for one of my dreams and not the strange sci-fi type that I'm used to but there was sure plenty more sci-fi dreams round the corner

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