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Cloud of Oblivion

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Cloud of Oblivion Empty Cloud of Oblivion

Post by Tanaya Mon May 09, 2011 11:07 am

Okay well here's a crazy dream I remember having a bit ago I was in some place and they said that all evil will be consumed by the cloud of oblivion. I'm then suddenly in the role of some bad guy and pulled into this cloud but there's a whole world in this cloud but there's one known sad fact about it. Once you're here you know you're never going to escape and no matter what you do you'll eventually get sent into the very centre of the clouds and sent into an oblivion. The oblivion by the way is what is in the centre of the clouds. The bad guy tried to escape but his attempts on escaping the place actually lead him deeper into the cloud where the oblivion was.
Very strange dream indeed

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Cloud of Oblivion Empty Re: Cloud of Oblivion

Post by Elsa Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:44 am

Steps taken to write story
Not written in forum stories but may well be added one day
The cloud isn't really a cloud at all but a transportation method used by a group of rangers to transport criminals and someone is very worried that it might get misused or the rangers may make a mistake and take an innocent. That person is taken into the cloud and treated as an evil doers until night time comes and the following day when that person becomes infected.
The infection is caused by creatures that live in the rangers main facility and bite those that are pure of heart, of course there's an antidote, which is a spray and also acts as a repellent for those pure of heart so of course it's impossible for those rangers to make a mistake because if they do, the creatures will set them straight.
Story Building Stages
1: The world, the cloud and why it exists, chosen answer was to deal with evil doers as described in the dream
2: Why would an innocent get taken in? Answer: Because that innocent is worried about them making a mistake so they want to show what happens if they do make a mistake
3: What can the other characters do while they worry about their friend taken into the Cloud? Answer, search for inforamtion on the planet and the cloud, of which information of course does turn up but only to prove that those rangers couldn't make a mistake

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