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Trapped~~~ Empty Trapped~~~

Post by obcfamily on Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:34 pm

I come back to consciousness, waiting to be greeted by my cat, dog, a buzzing alarm clock, and a fresh brew of coffee, but I wake up in a bright white room with nothing but a small grimy window pane, a sink, and what seems to be a table filled with surgical equipment. I try to grab the covers to block out the intense lighting in the room but to find my arms, legs, and my head restrained to a surgery prep table. I try to scream, but I am not able to produce a single note. If only these restraints weren’t so tight, I would be able to inspect my surroundings a bit more.
As I’m wondering how I got here and where I am, I catch a glimpse of a man descending a broken down stair case. I stare intently into his deep brown eyes. They nearly look coal black. He catches me staring at him and immediately comes over and inserts some clear fluid into a drip that must be feeding the fluid into my arm. I lose consciousness.
As I wake again, I feel a sharp pain in my sides. What had happened when I went under? Out of the corner of my eye, I see the man washing bloodied rags and scalpels in the wash basin. Did he cut me open? What is he doing with me?
I must have uttered a little groan because he stopped what he was doing, whipped his hands on his doctor scrubs, and rushed over to me. He looked pained to see me like this as if he didn’t want to kidnap me and put me in this basement to cut me open. He still hasn’t talked, nor has he attempted to. Before I could get a good look at the man, I am back unconscious yet again.
This time, I had dreamt about my family back home. My mom, dad, sisters, and nieces. Do they know where I am? Do they care? Before my very eyes, the dream begins to morph into a nightmare. The walls of the house begin to warp and twist, my family began to turn into demons, and a incessant cackle echoed throughout the halls.
I force myself awake and my body screams in pain! I’m being sliced open right before myself. The man is shocked to see me awake and immediately inserts more of that fluid into the drip and before I know it, I’m back under. I cannot force myself awake this time. I just have to wade out the waves of nightmares once more.
I woke again in stitches bandages and…..nothing else. I lay there naked. Have I been like this the entire time?! I glance over at the wash basin, expecting the man who I now call “The Doctor”, but I find he isn’t over there cleaning more bloodied rags and medical equipment but he is sitting in a chair next to me waiting for me to wake up.
“Good morning, sunshine,” he managed to utter, “Did you sleep well?” I try to speak yet I managed only a small whimper. Instead of putting me to sleep like he has usually done, he sticks a needle into my mind full of morphine. Since I still cannot speak, I just give him a simple nod f the head--- well as much as I can manage at least since I still have the leather restraints on me.
I cannot seem to remember how long I have been in captivity. I feel as if I’m never to go home. I miss my family, my friends, and moving. I haven’t moved since I’ve been here. I wish I could just end this nightmare once and for all.
The Doctor had begun to get more comfortable around me. He talked about his life. He’s forty-one years old. He is a widowed man. Had a wife and a daughter but lost them in a car accident years before. He trusts me enough to have unbuckled my arm restraints and he gave me a notebook and pen to write with. Why am I here? No answer. Why can’t I speak? Again, no answer. He has seemed to always stay off of this subject.
One day, he had shown me a picture of his family. They were beautiful. It must have been heart-breaking to have lived through the crash but death had claimed your family instead of you.
I wake up from the anesthesia for one last time. I look over to see the Doctor looming over me with a sad look in his eyes. He looks over, so my eyes follow to the grimy window pane. I see red and blue lights flashing outside. I quickly scrawl “Is that the police?” on the notebook. He nods at me somberly. Are they for you? “I’m sorry,” he says before he pulls out a shiny, metal object out of his pocket; a gun. He pulls the trigger right before the police are scrambling down the broken-down stairs and flooding into the basement of my captivity. How did anyone know I was here?
“I can’t believe he would do this to his own daughter,” one of the policemen says, “Go get the poor girl out of those restraints.” What are they talking about? “I’m not his daughter.” I’m amazed that I can speak now. When I speak, though, it has an uncanny sound to my words. I no longer remember my voice for it has been so long, but it feels as if my voice has been altered.
I take in the features of his house as I’m being carried out of the house and into an ambulance. Most of the furniture looks as if it has been untouched for years. There are many pictures of his family hanging on the walls, but the glass has long since been broken. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and to my horror, I looked exactly like the man’s daughter. The one that death had claimed many years before! The Doctor had filed my bones, filled my lips, and completely modified my whole appearance.
It’s been a month since admitted into this hospital. My family has just received news about my safety here, and they’re picking me up today. I’m quite nervous today, though. It’s been forever since I last saw them. What will they think of me now that I look hauntingly like that man’s daughter? Will they still love me? I must push all that anxiety and fear beside. I check out of the hospital and push through the doors to see my family.

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Trapped~~~ Empty Re: Trapped~~~

Post by Blueninja_41 on Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:02 am

YAY obc you made it here! Great to see you here Smile

Love the story, as I have already posted on LBPlanetarium...

Not much else to say really, other than check out Elsa's stories, they are top notch!
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Trapped~~~ Empty Re: Trapped~~~

Post by Elsa on Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:20 am

Wow that is a really good scary story just one slight problem and maybe it was intended but do we have any idea how the person in the story became unconscious in the beginning? The story is good but I think the beginning of it could do with a little more into where they actually fall unconscious and wake up somewhere else rather than just the knowledge they have been unconscious.
Other than that, it's a great story Very Happy

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Trapped~~~ Empty Re: Trapped~~~

Post by Sponsored content

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