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Tough Decision

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Tough Decision Empty Tough Decision

Post by Elsa Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:26 am

In a futuristic world where sci-fi dominated the TV screens I actually worked as a member of the government, the cities were smaller with a population decline and each city there were 8 towns and one member of government designated to each town or more of someone from each town designated as a member of the government.
A friend of mine constantly had suspicions that the government was up to something despite the fact that I worked for the government and hadn’t heard of anything bad going on in the government that was kept a secret.
When one of the government members was too ill to attend the meeting my friend that was suspicious of the government described to use his skill as a master of disguise to impersonate a member of the government and find out what he could and reveal it to the world.
Of course I tried to talk him out of it but he was really bent and insistent on doing this, that meant between now and the next meeting I had a big decision to make and one that would leave me with regrets and consequences for the rest of my life, to either betray a friend to do the right thing or whether to say nothing and worry about what bad deeds may come of this. Either way my guilt would tear me apart for a very long time and that’s if I could ever get over this. If only I didn’t have such a tough and difficult decision to make.
The time of the meeting came, I sat there nervously still deciding on what action I should take with this, if only it didn’t have to come to this but it surely did. I’d reasoned with him and he even told me, he’d understand if I turned him in but he had to do what he felt he had to do. Maybe this was done to make me feel like not turning him in or maybe he really meant it but I couldn’t take responsibility for what damage might be caused by his impersonation.
I told the government members that he was an imposter and the government members checked it out and confirmed that he was indeed and impostor.
I felt bad for betraying a friend but I felt that I had no choice in the matter, I had to do what I thought was the right thing but doing the right thing was far from this, what I didn’t know is that my friend was right all along.
The government decided to execute my friend immediately.
I was shocked, they’d kill him just for impersonating a government member when he’s had no chance to do any harm and worse than that they talk about teleporting him to a planet where he won’t even last two days.
Was I the only human member of the government? Had the government been long overrun by aliens? My questions were soon answered when my friend appeared on a faked survival TV show, at least people claimed it was fake.
People that had disappeared were seen after this disappearance on this fake TV game show where survival is the key and no one has ever survived this so-called faked survival game. They were always set on other planets and other worlds so they had to be faked but what no one knew was that they were real and this had been going on for a long time and no one even knew about it.
No one could ever guess that the government was behind it nor could they guess that the government had long been taken over by aliens that merely disguised themselves as humans.

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