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Place of Evil  Empty Place of Evil

Post by Elsa Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:36 am

Okay this was a weird dream where I went on holiday to this weird cottage, the place was weird with ladders inside the cottage and it was very green inside as well, decorated like a jungle. Anyway the rooms were small and there was several other cottages like the one we were staying in, in the area that were rented out by the same people but here is the really weird part.
People started to disappear and not exactly go home either.
When I'd been out all day with my parents we got back to find the police and ambulance in the area, they'd recovered a dead body from one of the people that had disappeared. I never saw the state of the body but it was described as being in very bad condition.
There was a suspicious building near by so one day I poked around, this building was known as a scientific research laboratory but no one was allowed inside and there were guards by the building almost all the time. As I watched and snooped around I saw two of the guards carrying someone unconscious into the building and for that short time the guards disappeared.
I followed them inside.
Seriously I wouldn't be this brave in real life to do this sort of thing lol.
Anyway by following them I heard that they were drugging some of the not so nice tourists, people that the scientists claimed were worthless anyway and nothing more but trouble makers that will just annoy other people anyway. I don't know exactly what they were doing but they were looking for a cure to something. They were purposing injecting a virus into the victims and then experimenting on them to find a cure, which in most cases lead to their death and since their research there was completely illegal they'd just take the dead bodies out and dump them for someone to find.
I actually eventually got caught and they knew I'd got certain issues and rather than threaten me they offered to fix my issues for me or at least experiment to help me, yeah right one that would probably end up with being killed and my body dumped out in the bushes like the others.
I never made the decision though in my dream because that is pretty much where it ended.

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