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Coma Girl Wrong Order

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Coma Girl Wrong Order  Empty Coma Girl Wrong Order

Post by Elsa Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:51 am

This was a weird dream I had last night, I haven't had such imaginative dreams for a while but this one was good, just too bad that the story was actually in the wrong order but I've already come up with order and a story line to it.
In the first part of the dream I was in this weird desert like place and we were trying to escape these nasty people dressed in bright orange suits that were very aggressive and not at all friendly. Unfortunately they captured us and tied us up ready to be sacrificed in the heat of the hot desert. One of us managed to escape and untied the rest and then started to plot a trap for these aggressive nasty people.
I'm then somewhere else and have escaped from this desert place and in a huge campsite where, in this dream world I apparently live with many friends and kind of like fans for some reason. Everyone was so happy to see me back, I felt a strange connection to all these people in the dream even though they were completely created people that my mind had created. One of them liked me too much and kidnapped me for himself but then the dream changed.
I was somewhere else and apparently there was a girl in a coma and apparently despite the fact this girl was in a coma she was actually in an alternate reality at the same time and I was put in this strange contraption device where I was going to be sent into this alternate reality to try and rescue this coma patient and bring her back to reality.

Story Idea:
Stage 1:
Elsa, Tanaya and Morgana will enter a world where they are kidnapped and Elsa is sent into this other reality to rescue the coma patient who is in a coma in one world but also in an alternate world at the same time
Stage 2:
Elsa will rescue the girl from the bad guys and try to convince the girl that she's entered an alternate reality and needs to return to her own reality
Stage 3:
The coma patient wakes up to find herself going back home but on doing so Elsa accompanies her and find out that the people like her a little too much

That's all for now, I still need to work more on the details but it's one of the strangest dreams I've had in a long while
Actually reminds me a story I wrote years ago called "Half here half there" which also came from a weird dream where
Elsa was caught up in a large explosion and the rangers in the story retrieved her severely damaged body from the explosion to discover that somehow, Elsa was no longer in here body.
Elsa had in fact entered an alternate reality to save it from a very similiar disaster and after her mission was accomplished she actually returned back to her own reality to make a slow recovery from the explosion she'd survived.

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