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The Prism Rangers, lol

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The Prism Rangers, lol  Empty The Prism Rangers, lol

Post by Elsa Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:00 am

Okay I was out somewhere with my parents shopping and we came back to the car to find it had been stolen, which was weird that no one had heard the car alarm and seen anything. However in this dream it seemed that car thieves now had the ability to break into cars by disabling the alarm before hand. Don't ask, it's just a dream after all.
Anyway we had to wait, not sure what we were waiting for but while we were waiting a man approached me.
I said "I wish I knew the guy that sole the car because I'd sure kick his you know what" don't even ask me why I even said that because I don't know.
"Can you fight because I run a martial arts club if you're interested and you can join us for free" the man offered.
I eventually decided to go along with this when I realised he only had three students, I thought it might give him soneone extra and to learn new moves and kicks for free what more could you ask for while satisfying someone with a new student however things were not as they appeared to be.
The club was a very exclusive club and that was something i was about to find out.
I trained alongside these people and despite being a new student I was just as good as the other students when it came to training but then came the time where a fighting competition was going to happen and this would be real combat.
We got ready for this battle, I sure hoped to get out of this because it sure wasn't what I'd expected, sure I'd fight my enemies but I sure didn't want to fight and hurt for the sake of it even if it was part of training.
The leader soon approached us again.
"With our powers combined we are" he said.
"The Prism Rangers" the other members of the club said all at once.
I stayed out of it, suddenly I realised there was a lot more going off here than meets the eyes and prism rangers did they get that from Disgaea? The question really popped into my head and then out of nowhere the point of a sword appeared at my throat. This was obviously I'd got to join in too or else.
"The Prism Rangers" I said in fright.
The sword was soon removed from me but it wasn't an ordinary sword it was blue and seemed to have lightning going through it, like it was really some powerful weapon.
"By the way, Prism Rangers, did you get that from Disgaea?" I asked.
"Yes" the leader replied.
The dream ended there but it was scary, somehow I had a feeling that I'd been kidnapped and was going to be forced into becoming something that I had no understanding or idea about.

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