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The Cursed Hotel

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The Cursed Hotel Empty The Cursed Hotel

Post by Elsa Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:35 am

Okay so I'm on holiday in this big hotel and we're strangely all given separate rooms that have twin beds in them without any explanation at all besides being told that we each need our own room with two beds.
What a strange thing to happen.
Okay so after the first night I'm injured and discover the following day that I have an evil replica that looks and sounds just like me but she's hooked on violence and hurting people for the sake of it.
It soon becomes apparant that the same thing has happened to the other guests at the hotel and they all also have a very nasty and evil duplicate bent on destruction and violence.
When I try to leave the hotel I become very sick with being away from my duplicate and have to return.
Is there no way to end this madness?
Story Idea:
Stage 1:
What causes the duplicate?
The duplicates are evil old spirits that have tapped into the power of the spirit world and use people's spilled blood to recreate themselves in the image of the person that has bled
Stage 2:
Why the sickness?
The link between human and spirit is highly linked and when they grow too far apart they will both become sick because they both rely on each other to exist now, almost like a horrible curse that you'd never ever want
Stage 3:
There is a way to end this right?
Only by a strong purification of the spirit because in order to rid the ghost you must also break the cursed link between human and spirit otherwise the human would die with the spirit so the link must also be broken

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