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Post by Elsa Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:48 am

This was a recent dream and it was actually quite frightening, I'd just gone back to school and I was on the second week of my timetable, I think thatl must have come from when I was at school, we had a two week time table but that was years ago since I was at school but anyway.
This was this really weird subject name written for my second lesson on Tuseday, haha it's actually Tuesday today as well.
So I'm looking all over for this classroom because the subject doesn't ring a bell and neither does the classroom either, I have no idea where it is so I'm still wondering around the school 30 minutes into the lesson looking for the room lolz.
Eventually I come across a teacher that's not currently teaching and points me in the direction of this classroom but when I get there it's another small building with three classrooms inside and all three have strange subject names above the door.
A teacher comes out of one of the rooms and says "I've been expecting you, I think you'll find that you are in my class" he said.
I got my timetable back out and checked the subject name and the teacher was right it was his class I was looking for but as I was entering I could hear some weird chanting from inside that sounded very foreign and it appeared that this teacher was teaching some kind of magic.
After this lesson my timetable suddenly has a complete change where I have Water Lessons, Ice Lessons, Wind Lessons all in magic casting.
Freaky and I'm struggling to find those rooms too because they're well hidden, almost as if I've just been the one off lucky or unlukcy person to be allowed to take these lessons

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