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The Old World

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The Old World Empty The Old World

Post by Elsa Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:55 am

In many years past, a war broke out and many innocents and fighters were killed during this war. There were even monsters and one of those monsters still remain near a city that was destroyed a long time ago but since then no one has ventured out that way due to the monster.
So I'm with a friend and headed up toward the area where this field is where the monster lurks and there's a guy in the field carrying this huge bear type monster, loooool.
So we decide while he's carrying the monster to go in the field and venture into unknown territory, however the guy carrying the moster soon lets the creature down. The creature then comes charging to attack. Me and my friend run as fast as we can with the bear type creature chasing us down. We run through an old park that hasn't been used in years. The creature stops chasing us after the park. We enter a weird section and there's a tannoy voice "Congratulations, survivors you have done well to make it to safety"
We head down into this old town where it seems that some people have survived down there for a long time without realising there were more survivors in the outside world but there was one strange thing. So many of the survivors in this part of the world looked the same. Why do they look the same? I'm about to find out the horrifying truth
In order to repopulate the world, more life needs to exist and in ordrer to that, they're...wait for it they're cloning people.
the next person to be cloned is...me
I don't want to be cloned.
The scientist in that place injects a sedative into me to calm me down and relax me and yes he actually explained that but after that I woke up. Dream over, weird
By the way in case you didn't guess I'm just assuming that this was set in a weird world where war broke out because of what happened on entry of the old city. Something must have happened and most likely that big bear kept the two surviving cities apart.

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