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Secret of the Underground

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Secret of the Underground Empty Secret of the Underground

Post by Elsa Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:24 am

Okay so I'm out somewhere I'm not sure where but anyway I'm in a huge train station waiting for the train back home. It's dark, whether it just be undercover or underground is quite questionable. So I'm waiting for the train and it's finally announced over the tannoy but when it comes in there's a man gets off the train that works at the train station that says no one is allowed on the train yet. He says he'll inform me when people are allowed on the train. Okay, so I'm waiting, waiting, waiting still waiting and the train leaves with no passengers aboard. What?
When I ask the man working at the train area why he wouldn't let anyone on the train he simply answered that no one was allowed on the train. Okay so what's the point in sending it on a journey with no passengers aboard? I return up to the top of the station to get a refund on my ticket and start thinking of someplace else to go since that was the last train back to where I wanted to go. So I decide to get a ticket to somewhere else where I should still be able to get a train home.
I go to the platform and there's other people waiting there, particularly a couple of young lads that apparently were also headed to where I was going that were equally told that no one was allowed on the last train back there, stupid eh? Anyway they start talking about secret experiments going off in the train station and deadly toxins being created and stuff including the fact that apparently there are two aliens doing secretive work in the train station too that are apparently dumb and just simply do as they're told because they can't think for themselves.
These two lads decide to sneak off to investigate the matter further, of which I follow them to try and stop them because if rumour is right then they could be putting themselves in extreme danger looking into this.
As we approach one of these doors that are off limits to the train station's customers a young girl comes running out of there scared witless. A couple of men that work at the train station come out of the office but don't seem to give chase, they just watch.
The young lady sees and wonders what to do.
A train comes speeding down the trainline.
The men decide to make a move for the lady but she purposely jumps off the platform in front of the train.
Ouch, glad you didn't see that eh? I'm shocked, the girl would rather die than try to escape or be recaptured, if there's something going off then whatever it is then if you find out about it you're better off dying than risk being captured by them.
The two men turned toward me and the two lads I'm with.
"Get the girl" one of the men said as he points at me.
I freak and run off as fast as possible with the two lads following me, we run back up through the train station and leave the train station. We enter a building near by that turns out to be a hospital but as we're going through the hospital a robot appears in front of me.
"You are to be captured" the robot says.
I back away frightened while the two lads creep up to it since the robot is more interested in me and they managed to deactivate the robot.
We continued on and there's still some robots that appear that my two new found friends kindly deactivate for me.
Eventually we run into a room and in this room is the girl that we saw run out in front of the train.
"They brought me back to life somehow and they're going to operate on me, why couldn't they just leave me dead I'd be much better off. Now they're going to do terrible things to me, if you know what's best for you then get out of here while you still can" the young lady says.
We leave the room but a robot is waiting outside and jabs something into me because my friends can deactivate it. We continue on through the building but I start to get in pain from where the robot struck something into my stomach.
As we continue through some quiet sections of the hospital a nurse notices me in pain and offers help, of which my friends wait in a room while I go into a separate room with the nurse.
The nurse takes a look at my stomach.
"I've never seen anything like this before? What happened?" the nurse asked.
"Not that you'd believe me but a robot did this to me" I explained nervously. It was the truth but how in the world would anyone believe such a story.
"Oh you mean a loch did this to you" the nurse replied. She got to her feet and began to make a phone call.
Okay I gather for some reason they call the robots Lochs but the phone call doesn't look good, it would seem that she's in league with them. I get to my feet and run from the room and run down the stairs in the hospital as fast as I can since it would appear she's sending them after me.
I run down flight after flight after flight of stairs, separated from my new friends I've got to try and escape myself now I've got myself into a mess by trying to seek out help. As I'm getting close to the bottom there's several robots coming up the stairs. I freak and run back up a few flight before almost running into the nurse. Now I'm trapped, the nurse one side and robots the other.
I'm doomed.
Very glad I woke up their too, that's one of the most frightening dreams I've had in a long time.

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