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Evil in the Water

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Evil in the Water Empty Evil in the Water

Post by Elsa Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:04 am

So in the future we have ships that can fly and move on and under water, the all in one ship that can do everything. So we're going out on this ship on the water to see if it works properly. There's even a swimming pool section in the ship where you can flood the room with water and then release it. So during our voyage we get rather bored, there's a few arcade games machines on bored but that's about it for entertainment and since it was more of a spaceship type vehcile there aren't even any windows to see outside besides the main flight deck at the top that no one really wants to go too.
Well me and some others decide to go and test the swimming section so we walk into the room and make sure the door is tightly shut so the water doesn't leak into other section of the ship. So a section is opened that lets water in, it pours out into the room like a waterfall.
You have to be prepared for this in rush of water as well because it comes in so strong but the water just kept on coming and coming. It's supposed to have stopped by now. The room is getting more and more flooded with water and we're getting close the ceiling by now with just how much water is coming through.
"Never mind the risk to the other sections, we have to get out now" the person shouted at had opened the water section to let the water in.
We open up the door to the rest of the ship to find that water is also flooding in there as well and is already well flooded. It takes a while to swim up to the surface and even then the water is still pouring in.
We cclimb out on to a platform where there are lots of other people, both part of our crew and not part of our crew, huh, how'd they get here?
After some confusion and disagreements me and one of my friends go back into the water to see if there's some way of getting the water off the ship. Under the water in one place is this really bright light. I swim toward the light and suddenly the water is gone.
I'm standing in the same room but on the floor with no water but equally no crew and no one besides my friend that also swam into the light.
Confused, my friend to my fear suggests trying the swimming pool section of the ship again under some kind of strange suspicion. I follow him terrified of seeing the same thing happen again because it's a new ship still in testing, the problem had to be a fault somewhere with too much water coming through.
So we stand in the room with the door tightly shut and he opens the little door to where the water comes from. Yet again the water rushes into the room like a waterfall at high speed, quickly rising and rising until the room is about in four foot of water. The water stops and my friend closes the door to where the water comes from and then activates the drain to drain the water out. Once the water is gone we leave the room puzzled.
"That's how it's supposed to be" my friend said.
"There is evil in the water, it is not your ship that is at fault but a dark orb that has infested your ship has created the evil water and in fact hides in the water. Capture the orb and throw it out of your ship to release the evil. This is where your ship really is, that orb copied your ship and transferred you to it's own dimension, I shall return you to free your people and get rid of the evil" a strange voice said but there was no one about but all the same we were suddenly swimming in the water again on the same ship.
"You heard that voice, we need to capture the orb and throw it off the ship" I said as I swam toward the platform but by now the crew has disappeared.
"What happened to the crew?" my friend asked.
"Let's just complete our mission and worry about that afterwards" I said. We continue up toward where there's a ladder to climb up to the main control room but it's sealed with some strange white alien slime.
We quickly pick up some weapons from near by and start digging through the white stuff to find blood mixed in with the white alien substance.
"Are we killing our friends going through this?" I ask in concern.
"If anything then they're probably already dead, let's just get up no matter what the cost and get rid of that evil" my friend replied.
Since there was no other way we continued digging through all the white slimy stuff with human blood mixed in with it in place and eventually clear it enough to climb up to the flight deck. Using the computers ship equipment we locate the orb in the ship and use a net to capture it that also works off the machinery and use the machinery to pull it to the flight deck.
We take the orb and throw it out of a window of the ship.
The orb disintegrates to nothing. When we looked back round all the alien stuff is gone and the crew is all standing beneath the ladder that leads to the flight deck.

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