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Post by Elsa Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:36 am

Okay so I was younger in this dream and still at school but this school was weird it was in a huge building that had so many floors there was an elevator in the school building to move you between floors and even when leaving the school you had to climb down a small cliff that had a ladder on the side. Lolz, okay so everything seems pretty normal, day in and day out of school. One day I leave school to find a car parked near to the ladder where you climb up to go to the school, more so there's a car in the air on a contraption and just after the car near the ladder is another car. I climb down the ladder all the same but as I reach the bottom the car on the contraption is released and smashes straight through the car at the bottom. I step back away a little worried and as the cars go up in flames I make a run for it and not long after that the car behind also goes up in smoke with a few bits from the car flying all over the place. Not sure what I had my backed turned, running as fast as possible but a couple of things sure hit me but did no damage.
The following day I reported the issue but there seems to be something strange going on, people at the school are suddenly having secret meetings while some of the other students are panicking about some evil conspiracy going on at the school.
The teachers in with the evil confront me and demand me to give them the pendant. Uh what pendant?
Apparently the cars and explosions taking place close to me was no accident, it was a death threat directed at me if I didn't give them the pendant.
I walk away with no idea what it's all about and descend to the lower levels in the lift. The lift goes out of control and begins to drop really quickly but finally stops normally where it's supposed to. I get out and head to my section in the school where some of my friends are waiting for me. They tell me to find the pendant and make sure that those bad guys don't get hold of it. The pendant again, just what is all this about?
With the help of my friends we search the room and eventually find this blue coloured pendant with a strange symbol on it. What is it? I have no idea but apparently it's been passed down to me and I've been entrusted to look after it but for some reason, I've never known anything about it.
Sadly that's where the dream ended because I woke up but I had another dream afterwards and I think it was a follow on from the first one.
This time I'm in a forest and there was someone around that looked like an ancient cave man that came to attack me with a stick. When I got the stick off him it turned out that he didn't seem to understand a word I was saying but all the same I did my best to befriend him and help the frightened soul. Despite the fact he attacked me he seemed frightened after I'd disarmed him.
I'm then sitting in a tent with the same attacker and two of my friends from that school in the previous dream. Noises come from outside, of which there's a whole gang of the cave men people marching down by the side of a river. The cave man that we have calls out to them in some foreign langauge and they come and out number us.
Not long afterwards several cars come by, black cars and group of nasty looking men get out of them and insist that I give them, well apparently I know what they want. Most likely the pendant from the previous dream. We make a swim for it across the river and the men start firing guns at us. We get across the river and run out of their firing range.
We soon learn that we've come into a dead end but the cave men people, when I speak to one of them, one of them can actually talk English and tells of a secret cave that no one should know about and that's the way we need to go.
That dream ended there and that was the end of that altogether.
Story Requirements
1: Chosen girl and background information on a powerful pendant that has been passed down through the centuries
2: No need to think on this one, the bad guys want to take over the world and that pendant will give them unnatural powers to quickly conquer the world
3: The pendant will actually transport the main character from the main world to the forest world as part of its power to stop the pendant from getting into the wrong hands
4: The bad guys already have an evil pendant with unnatural powers but are still greedy for yet even more power and the other pendant will grant them unimaginable power that they don't deserve
And these are just some of my usual steps to turn a dream into an actual story, quite the commonality with me, without these dreams I'd write no stories

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